Congratulations you have made a great decision to take our exclusive reseller 50 license

This license allows you to sell access to a customer’s own app and you can set your own cost, you can include this in your monthly management fee or charge an annual fee and you can grant a maximum of 50 licenses

You have access to create unlimited client accounts inside the app and your license includes

1 alphanumeric sender ID (UK customers only) and 1 local telephone number          

Store Unlimited contacts  in unlimited phone book contact lists

1 keyword campaigns for your own use

1 keyword campaign per client

1 chat bot for your own use

1 chat bot per client

Unlimited chat bot flows

1 SMS template for your use and 1 per client

Unlimited bulk and autoresponder messages

Delivery and campaign reports for your own and client campaigns

Unlimited SMS live chat

Please watch this video to get started

To get started please click the button below to register the app

Please enter your details and create a username and password

Please login to the email account used to register the app and confirm the account verification email, once you have done this you are directed to login to the app

After logging into the app, please log back into this members area to access the set up and user guides in the navigation links above

If you missed any special offers in your purchase,  check out the deals below which are all available at massively discounted prices

To get started follow the set up and user guides to get your own app set up and ready to go

We provide page templates you can copy to create your demo funnel, or you can create your own content

You have a free BOGOF credit bonus of up to $100 and we match your purchase up to $100 which can be made in up to 2 purchases within 7 days of your purchase of the system

Reseller Set up

We have provided a step by step guide and video tutorial which shows you how to create your customer access and provide the login details

You will see in the demo video we do not provide a link to purchase credits in the customer app you create which means your customer has to purchase any credits directly from you which you can sell separately or you can include in your monthly management fee

Don’t rush the process, once you have set up the system ready to find some new clients it will normally take a few days for your clients to appreciate the massive potential especially live chat where they have direct access to reply in real time to all of their new contacts and this is where the massive value is for them to upgrade their service


We provide a support link in the app for any issues or questions and our team takes care of this leaving you to make money finding new clients


We have a limited time offer to match 2 purchases of sending credits up to a maximum of $100 valid for 7 days from the date of your purchase

Please Note

Credits do not expire but are non-refundable, please only purchase credits if you 100% sure you can use them or sell them, if you want to test the app first please make a small purchase of credits to test the app (100 credits in US costs $1.5)

Once you are set up you can make a second purchase and both purchases are matched up to a maximum of $100 in total

How to claim your FREE credits

You will see a link in the app sidebar navigation to buy credits and you can also find details in the set up guide

Click this link and choose the number of credits you wish to purchase

Once the purchase has been processed, we will add the same number of credits to your balance up to a value of $100 for a maximum of 2 purchases within 7 days of your purchase of the app